About the love we share

Miss Uganda Foundation is a nonprofit making organisation that was founded in 2013. The naissance of Miss Uganda foundation cultivated as a result of our observation of the es- calating rate of teen pregnancies in Uganda and the problems that these young mothers face. As our Foundation we are passionate about the personal development of the girl child and young women..



Still About Us

The foundation focuses on education of the girl child, the fight against teenage pregnancy, early marriage and skilling the young Women. We are zealous to see the success of the girl child. We therefore promote and skill the young women to become independent through the pro- motion of Agriculture and Entrepreneurship skills. We put emphasis on training and equip- ping young women with business skills in different sectors like fashion, media, agribusiness and talent development in music, drama, sports etc. This is carried out in training camps.

We believe that every young woman (GIRL CHILD) has dreams and goals that they want to achieve so they can reach their full potential, if they are equipped with the right skills. As it is in Uganda, 80% of the population is young with more than 50% unemployed. As a Foundation we believe by training these young women and equipping them with skills that we enable them to become job creators rather than job seekers while creating jobs for their peers in the long run.

Secondly, we create awareness on sexuality and reproductive health and empower the girl child through various campaign channels “to keep a girl in school”. we also work to improve the environment for girls to excel in education. How we do this is by providing access to clean water and powering homes with Solar power.

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